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Welcome to our site. Its purpose is to provide a history of the USAF Drum and Bugle Corps and Pipe Band, while also honoring all the Airmen who proudly served in that organization.

The United States Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps and Pipe Band, Bolling AFB, Washington, D.C., was created in 1950 and existed until 1963 when it was disbanded as a cost cutting measure. The Pipe Band continued as a separate entity until May of 1970. During that time, the USAF Drum Corps became the preeminent drum corps in the country. The Corps was instructed for its last ten years by M/Sgt. Truman Crawford, who was later to become a Colonel and the musical director of the United States Marine Drum Corps.

The USAF Drum Corps traveled extensively, making annual trips to Europe, North Africa, and the Far East. During its existence, the Corps appeared at half-time of every major bowl game, at Radio City Music Hall, for Presidents and various heads of state, and for numerous national events.

The members of the USAF Drum Corps have gone on to have a profound influence in the world of drum corps, and in music in general across the United States. They have served as instructors, judges, and teachers.

Musicians from the USAF Drum Corps and the USAFA Drum Corps have become national champions, in both individual and ensemble competition. The USAF Drum Corps has more members in the Drum Corps Hall of Fame than does any other Drum Corps.

A couple of nice phtographs have surfaced that warrant your attention... Click on this text and you can take a look, and help us to positively identify the Airmen in the photos

Many of you may know that our "Brothers" that served with the Enlisted Drum & Bugle corps at the USAF Academy are now included in ourwebsite. One of their numbers has forwarded this YouTube Video/Audio clip highlighting their amazing Corps and musicianship. Enjoy....



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