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Brig. General Sidney "Rosie" Grubbs had always dreamed of having his own Drum & and Bugle Corps. In December 1949, he recalled to active duty Captain Herbert J. Gall, who was given the assignment to organize the finest Drum & Bugle Corps ever assembled.   A special rememberance of "Rosie" by his daughter, Nancy Grubbs Gard.


Brig. General Sidney
Capt. Herbert J. Gall, First OIC
USAF Drum Corps Founder,
Brig. General
Sidney "Rosie" Grubbs
Captain Herbert J. Gall,
First OIC

General Grubbs was eventually transferred to Ramey AFB, San Juan, PR to become Base Commander handing over the reigns to Captain Gall. The Drum Corps old-timers fondly remember the love and dedication both leaders shared with the troops knowing the USAF Drum & Bugle Corps would have never been born without their capable leadership and devotion. (Notes by Joe College)



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